University of Canterbury

  • Mitja Remus-Emsermann (School of Biological Sciences): Plant-microbe interactions and interactions of microbes at single-cell resolution.

  • Ian Dickie (School of Biological Sciences): Ecosystem ecology, invasive species and mycology.

  • Amy Osborne (School of Biological Sciences): Genomics, environmental epigenetics, comparative microbial genomics.

  • Pete Gostomski (UC Engineering - Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering): Bioprocess engineering to undertake useful industrial processes including bioremediation, biofuel generation and product degradation.

  • Carlo Carere (UC Engineering - Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering): extremophile microbiology and metabolism, application of extremophiles to industrial processes.

New Zealand


  • Anna-Louise Reysenbach (Portland State University, USA): Thermophiles and microbial diversity.

  • Ken Cullings (NASA AMES): Ecology, geothermal ecosystems, exobiology, extremophilic fungi

  • Eric Boyd (Montana State University, USA): Geobiology, microbial ecology and microbial physiology.

  • Chris Greening (Monash University, Australia): Microbial persistence and integrative microbiology.

  • John Moreau (Melbourne University, Australia): Geomicrobiology.

  • Thijs Ettema (Uppsala University, Sweden): Evolution and microbial diversity.