Jean Power

Jean is a student at the University of Waikato and is undertaking a PhD on the microbial diversity and biogeography of hotsprings in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand. Jean collected and now is using the dataset from the 1000 Springs Project to guide her work.  She also works at GNS Science as a Senior Laboratory Technician. Her supervisors are Craig Cary (University of Waikato), Carlo Carere (GNS Science) and Matthew Stott (University of Canterbury). 

Power et al., 2018. Microbial biogeography of 925 geothermal springs in New Zealand. Nat Comms, 9, 2876.


Hanna Peach

[Breaking News: Hanna has submitted her MSc thesis - Well done Hanna!]

Hanna is undertaking MSc research to investigate how microbial soil populations in alpine soils on NZ volcanoes persist when they are not able to acquire substrates and nutrients from geothermal off-gases. She has sampled soils on Mt Tongariro (plus controls) and measured atmospheric trace gas consumption and the associated microbial diversity of the microbial communities. She is undertaking research through the University of Waikato and GNS Science. She is co-supervised by Carlo Carere (GNS Science), Ian McDonald (University of Waikato) and Matthew Stott (University of Canterbury). 

Antonina Arkhangelskaya

Antonina has begun doctoral research on the microbiome of the fruiting body of the ectomycorrihzal fungus, Pisolithus tinctorius. (starting 2019)

Kate Wright

Kate is undertaking a MSc research project on the microbial community composition of plant leaf surface of the geothermal plant Kunzea ericoides var. microflora (prostrate kānuka). She will be investigating the influence of aeolian microbial populations from nearby hotsprings on the leaf surface composition. (starting 2019)

Adam Cosell

Adam will be attempting to isolate and characterise new strains of Galdieria sulphuraria, an extremophilic red alga from geothermal soils across the Taupo Volcanic Zone. Adam will be undertaking this research as part of his MSc candidacy (starting 2019).

Alison Penn

Alison is undertaking MSc candidacy research as part of a multi-institutional programme to investigate whether methanotrophic driven denitrification can remediate nitrate contaminated aquifers (starting 2019).

Ngā Tauira: Graduated Students

  • 2012. Kevin Lee (MSc) - The physiological and ecological characterisation of the first cultivated species of the candidate division OP10 [Link].

  • 2013. Jeff Lyford (MSc) - Bioprospecting for thermostable glycoside hydrolases: A metatranscriptomic approach [LINK].

  • 2013. Karen Houghton (MPhil) - The physiological characterisation of a novel Thermomicrobia strain WKT50.2, and a review of the characteristics of the class Thermomicrobia.

  • 2013. Heike Anders (MSc) - The phenotypic and phylogenetic characteristation of two novel bacterial strains: Bacteriodetes strain P373 and Verrucomicrobia strain NGM72.4

  • 2014. Laura Ward (MSc) - Exploring the microbial ecology of Inferno Crater Lake, Waimangu Geothermal Valley, New Zealand; a culture independent approach.

  • 2015. Kevin Lee (PhD) - The first insights into the physiology, genomics, and ecology of the novel bacterial phylum Armatimonadetes.

  • 2017. Dora Pittrich (MSc) - The phenotypic and genotypic characterisation of a novel highly pleomorphic halophile - The archaeal Halorussus strain MSc15.2 - isolated from a saltern in Saudi Arabia.

  • 2018. Karen Houghton (PhD) - Thermophilic methanotrophy in the Taupo Volcanic Zone.